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Saturday, May 10, 2008

HEY people......
you are on this page coz you probably wanted to know about the ghostrider....and i will tell you all there is to know about him. He is not the ghostrider that we saw in the hollywood movie..but the real one...and yes !!! he does exist
he is not a real ghost...but he is an awesome bike rider who belongs to the SWT (swedish wheelie team)
Originally from sweden he rides in stockholm , paris (mainly in europe) a complete black suit and his machine is a SUZUKI GSXR 1000 k5 which is completely black(WITH NO NUMBER PLATE!!!!!)....and this complete black disguise makes him looks like a ghostrider.
the bike is modified producing 285 bhp....and is capable of a top speed of 340 kph..
the ghostrider is by far considered the best bike rider in the world.....and that is why he is nicknamed the ghostrider.
HE also holds the record for the worlds fastest wheelie at 344 kph and is often known around europe for getting in trouble with the law..
As heard from sources he has by far been arrested only once .. and has been successful in outrunning the police all the time. He once evaded the police even when they had 6 cars , 2 vans , 2 choppers after him..
With his team he shoots videos while he rides in heavy traffic at the speed which is almost 3 times that of the traffic.
Apart from the GSX r 1000 he also rides a couple of other bikes including a turbo hayabusa modded to make 499 bhp and is considered the fastest hayabusa in the world. If u cant imagine 499 bhp on that rear , then i will soon post his video here ...where you can see him pulling out wheelies at over 300 kph.
He is also famous for his stockholm TO uppsala run ...covering 70 kilometres in under 14 minutes in heavy traffic with an average speed of over 270 kph.
Some people consider him a complete crazy biker .. while some say he is the best rider and deserves the appreciation for his bike riding skills.

Till then .....RIDE SAFE!!!!!!!


NaUgHtY nUb said...

hey! uhm...your such an awesome guy...
nice life you got there...
i didn't know you own the world record...

keep safe...
wish u all the best..

nice knowing you!!

vineet said...

hey he is da awesum rider
one day i will also ride my bike lyk him
i m da true fan of ghostrider

Anonymous said...

love what you do much respect you have true skill i wish you the best and hope you continue to up your wheelie record keep the rubber on the pavment oh one question you ever raced in the TT