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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

hello ghostrider fans ,

In case you are not a 'ghostfan' then i suppose you would soon be.....coz who can miss the GHOSTRIDER.

Speeding through heavy traffic in stockholm on city roads , highways....he is nicknamed the ghostrider for his amazing bike riding skills.
He rides in a complete black leather suit , black helmet , and a black suzuki gsx r 1000 k5 (the monster capable of 340 kph). Till date , all attempts to catch the ghostrider have failed and he has taunted the law more times then you can imagine.
Ghostrider also rides a 417 bhp hayabusa (the fastest hayabusa in the world - shown in the pic) later tuned to 499 bhp.
Some fans also call him "The black monster" and when he rides there is nobody stopping him. Police have failed to catch him even with 2 choppers on him.The ghostrider has earned such a place for himself that some people call him a "MYTH". They say that he is a real ghostrider and can go through walls to evade the police. well!!! what he actually is remains to be discovered , but i will sure give u a hint with his amazing , never seen anywhere before VIDEOS...
There is one already and more COMING SOON :-)
(do check out all new videos i have for u guys)


13 said...

you are the true ghost rider!!!! one day ill compete with you

Anonymous said...

it's not the fastest busa in the world no more there is a 600 bhp busa at

Anonymous said...

you are a loser!!!he´s the best(ghostrider)not you soo stick to the hood and make some pancakes mamas little boy LOL

Anonymous said...

i wood beet him on a peewee 50

Anonymous said...

iv got some good clips 4 your site (ktm 990 310 upp free way