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Saturday, May 31, 2008

on our survey about the IDENTITY OF GHOSTRIDER......we recieved quiet a few votes from all you fans......out of a total of around 170 votes.....around 75% are unaware of the real identity....
so its time for us to answer the long awaited question......

we will give the answer in our next post tomorrow...with a picture of him withot his helmet gear !!

Friday, May 30, 2008


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

GHOSTRIDER - The Ultimate Machine !!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Well... about the last qustion that we had put up, about the " turbo hayabusa streetfighter " ..... we did recieve some good responses..... thankyou guys !!

Yes, many of you people were correct...the top speed is 312 kph for stock busa.... and for the turbo busa that Ghostrider rides in the approx. 450 kph .


Monday, May 26, 2008

Specially for you guys -- "MURDER ATTEMPT ON THE GHOSTRIDER" !!!!!!

The ghostrider is as usual on the street evading the cops and when the situation goes out of hand , cops make a desperate attempt to kill him....a cops car almost stands still in the opposite lane in the bike's path...and ............................Will GR manage to get through ???

Sunday, May 25, 2008

YES , The Ghostrider is the one riding with the onboard camera.
The rider in the front is a member of the GR team and the GR follows him close to keep up as he rides through the track with precision..

Saturday, May 24, 2008

GHOSTRIDER - The Stunt !!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

6 days ago , we had started a poll...the question was "would you like more info on daring bikers?"

The poll was closed yesterday night and we have received a total of 84 votes...

The Ghostrider - 75%

Turborider - 15%

Black prince - 9%

So as per the response from you all , we have 15 % of the viewers interested in turborider content as well. We will make sure that we include turborider content , but the amount of turborider content we put on here totally depends upon the response from YOU GUYS.....

GHOSTRIDER - on snowmobile

Thursday, May 22, 2008

GHOSTRIDER - 344 kmph Busa wheelie

The wheelie has been performed on an airstrip with The Ghostrider pulling it off at 214 mph (344 kph)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

GHOSTRIDER - overcome frustration

As the name goes "The Ghostrider" has created a very distinct image for himself and has taken the biking spirit to the next level.

The Ghostrider originally from the SWT(swedish wheelie team) was a stunt rider . However , sometime back a movie named GETAWAY IN STOCKHOLM was released which was all about car chases through stockholm. The Ghostrider watched the movie and said - it's all made up. We couldn't believe the world was raving about it. The policeman was actually a body builder, he even had baggy pants on. It wasn't real. There's a hardcore group of riders and drivers in Stockholm who do this for real, but yet the "Getaway in Stockholm" movie was a rental car pretending to be a police car and it was all in the middle of the night with empty roads. You can print this; it was shit. And we made up The Ghostrider as a big 'you suck' to the car guys. As a result , the ghostrider movies were made and released so as to show that this is done for real. however , after the first movie was released there was a very positive response and huge support from the viewers and this led to the production of further movies of the ghostrider series.

But with the movies all came the misconception (or myths as you call it ) about him and some said that the Ghostrider had died in a high speed accident in sweden and after the first movie there was a new Ghostrider. But one thing's for sure............The Ghostrider will originate time and again !!!!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

GHOSTRIDER - at his best

Go through the blog archives for more unseen videos and information on the GHOSTRIDER

A member of the SWT(sweedish wheelie team) orginally from sweden , this man rides in stockholm in rush hour traffic driving the authorities mad with his high speed runs...
Till date all attempts to catch him have failed and he has succeded in evading the police everytime. In his 5 movies which we have listed before , he has raced around paris , uppsala , stockholm on his bike , in cars and a snowmobile too....
As a result of his amazing bike riding capabilities he has been nicknamed the ghostrider....
However , there had been news that the first ghostrider died in a high speed accident in sweden and the further movies have been shot with another rider. Some also beleive that there are more than one ghostrider and they belong to the SWT.
Well , the truth still remains a myth but we promise to all the ghostrider fans to clear up all misconceptions and doubts people have about him . Well , to clear your misconceptions we will ask you a question everyday and based on your "comments" we would make a post on every third day ...revealing the truth !!!!!!!

question of the day - Do you think that the ghostrider died in an accident?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

GHOSTRIDER - Tribute To Black Prince

GHOSTRIDER in elevater

Thursday, May 15, 2008

GHOSTRIDER - nurburging ride with traffic on

Do check out all the exclusive GHOSTRIDER videos ...... just scroll !!!

Ghostrider on the 499 bhp hayabusa with which he set the world wheelie record at 344 kph ( 214 mph).

The Myth

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

hello ghostrider fans ,

In case you are not a 'ghostfan' then i suppose you would soon be.....coz who can miss the GHOSTRIDER.

Speeding through heavy traffic in stockholm on city roads , highways....he is nicknamed the ghostrider for his amazing bike riding skills.
He rides in a complete black leather suit , black helmet , and a black suzuki gsx r 1000 k5 (the monster capable of 340 kph). Till date , all attempts to catch the ghostrider have failed and he has taunted the law more times then you can imagine.
Ghostrider also rides a 417 bhp hayabusa (the fastest hayabusa in the world - shown in the pic) later tuned to 499 bhp.
Some fans also call him "The black monster" and when he rides there is nobody stopping him. Police have failed to catch him even with 2 choppers on him.The ghostrider has earned such a place for himself that some people call him a "MYTH". They say that he is a real ghostrider and can go through walls to evade the police. well!!! what he actually is remains to be discovered , but i will sure give u a hint with his amazing , never seen anywhere before VIDEOS...
There is one already and more COMING SOON :-)
(do check out all new videos i have for u guys)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

UNSEEN ghostrider clip


Saturday, May 10, 2008

The ghostrider in his black suit with his black bike...^^^^
The bike is a suzuki gsx r 1000 k5 producing 285 bhp and capable of topping 340 kph...

The ghostrider rides different machines which include(PICS coming soon) :- gsx r 1000 k5 gsx r 1000 k4(used in earlier movies)
3.turbo hayabusa

4.pocket bike


There has been 5 DVD released in the ghostrider series namely...
# ghostrider - The final ride
# ghostrider 2 - Goes wild
# ghostrider 3 - Goes crazy in europe

# ghostrider 4 - Goes undercover

# ghostrider 5 - Back to Basics

The DVD's can be ordered from the official website

In the fifth part - Back to Basics the ghostrider can be seen TAUNTING THE LAW again but this time not on a bike . but in a SUBARU powered by a 650 BHP engine.

HEY people......
you are on this page coz you probably wanted to know about the ghostrider....and i will tell you all there is to know about him. He is not the ghostrider that we saw in the hollywood movie..but the real one...and yes !!! he does exist
he is not a real ghost...but he is an awesome bike rider who belongs to the SWT (swedish wheelie team)
Originally from sweden he rides in stockholm , paris (mainly in europe) a complete black suit and his machine is a SUZUKI GSXR 1000 k5 which is completely black(WITH NO NUMBER PLATE!!!!!)....and this complete black disguise makes him looks like a ghostrider.
the bike is modified producing 285 bhp....and is capable of a top speed of 340 kph..
the ghostrider is by far considered the best bike rider in the world.....and that is why he is nicknamed the ghostrider.
HE also holds the record for the worlds fastest wheelie at 344 kph and is often known around europe for getting in trouble with the law..
As heard from sources he has by far been arrested only once .. and has been successful in outrunning the police all the time. He once evaded the police even when they had 6 cars , 2 vans , 2 choppers after him..
With his team he shoots videos while he rides in heavy traffic at the speed which is almost 3 times that of the traffic.
Apart from the GSX r 1000 he also rides a couple of other bikes including a turbo hayabusa modded to make 499 bhp and is considered the fastest hayabusa in the world. If u cant imagine 499 bhp on that rear , then i will soon post his video here ...where you can see him pulling out wheelies at over 300 kph.
He is also famous for his stockholm TO uppsala run ...covering 70 kilometres in under 14 minutes in heavy traffic with an average speed of over 270 kph.
Some people consider him a complete crazy biker .. while some say he is the best rider and deserves the appreciation for his bike riding skills.

Till then .....RIDE SAFE!!!!!!!