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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

GHOSTRIDER - overcome frustration

As the name goes "The Ghostrider" has created a very distinct image for himself and has taken the biking spirit to the next level.

The Ghostrider originally from the SWT(swedish wheelie team) was a stunt rider . However , sometime back a movie named GETAWAY IN STOCKHOLM was released which was all about car chases through stockholm. The Ghostrider watched the movie and said - it's all made up. We couldn't believe the world was raving about it. The policeman was actually a body builder, he even had baggy pants on. It wasn't real. There's a hardcore group of riders and drivers in Stockholm who do this for real, but yet the "Getaway in Stockholm" movie was a rental car pretending to be a police car and it was all in the middle of the night with empty roads. You can print this; it was shit. And we made up The Ghostrider as a big 'you suck' to the car guys. As a result , the ghostrider movies were made and released so as to show that this is done for real. however , after the first movie was released there was a very positive response and huge support from the viewers and this led to the production of further movies of the ghostrider series.

But with the movies all came the misconception (or myths as you call it ) about him and some said that the Ghostrider had died in a high speed accident in sweden and after the first movie there was a new Ghostrider. But one thing's for sure............The Ghostrider will originate time and again !!!!!!