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Wednesday, June 18, 2008



So you are getting away with it ?

GHOSTRIDER 'S ANSWER : For the moment , yes. Every time you get on a bike you must consider the responsibilities. To ignore the dangours is to be more dangerous . I've been involved in several community programmes with young riders and you have to know the worst that can happen . My one trip to the UK , i didnt get away with it . I was chased for 70 miles , ditched my ride in a car park and ran . I had to come up woth a bullshit excuse about somebody else driving my impreza turbo when I came back to get it . they knew I was bullshitting but sent me home with a telling-off . Maybe this summer I come back again , eh ?


seppe said...

I know that it isn't right but he's my biggest role model. I even made a sticker and put it on my scooter. Guess what sticker it is? A hayabusa sticker! LOL . No but really he's my n1 role model. I've also got an idea for ghostrider. Why not try using a scooter. Those things might look a bit silly but u can tune them very easily and u can let them go as fast as 120km/hour. Just an idea.

grtz from ur biggest fan.

Seppe Schepers
Venlosesteenweg 71
3680 Maaseik (Belgium)
tel: 0032494591200

ghostrider said...

We really appreciate your suggestions and we are glad that our fans are happy... It feels good to hear from the biggest fan. However , we suggest you to take it safe and dont push it if you are not experienced enough.....just keep it under your riding limits

Take care ....GR TEAM

Anonymous said...

omg, he was in UK??? I missed him :-(

Fireblade said...

Should you come to England in 2008
The Ace cafe in London.. would be a good place to come ???

ghostrider said...

Thanks for the suggestion fireblade..we will think over it..

Blacky said...


GR i realy like your work...i watch your films over and over learn as match as i can...
I'm 18, and i still dont have enough money to buy a real i drive scooter...its not tuned...but i am one of the best drivers in city
as soon as i get a real job i will by kawasaki ninja 600ccm cos i HATE scooters...its boring, and no shifting of gear...
you are the best driver i have ever seen ;)
i really appreciate what you said " My worst nightmare is that I should hurt somebody else with my riding . Worst nightmare , I mean that . Christ , I dont know how a man could to live if that were to happen"
i feel the same ;)...when i do crazy "shit" on bike in city or drive fast i dont care so much for me, i fear that little kid could run on street,etc... :(

but i have one question? did you ever been to croatia? and do you plan to come here? :)

take care GR and hope we will see more films from you soon ;)

Jack said...

hey ghostrider, If you do come to the UK, You'll find Newcastle is the place, Charvers as we call em, or Yobs are common, but you'll also find some of the most amazing fans here, Seriously, I know people who watch your videos and are just simpley in awe of how awesome you are! I want to ride a bike, and my next door neighber is hells angels, so she can help out, I'd love to meet you some time, Nice to know your not a crazy ass dude though who has no concern for the public around you. Goodluck GR! Wishing you lots of happyness...and speed.

mikk said...


I have a challenge to you. You know that Estonia isn't far away from your home. Capital is Tallin, where you arrive with your ride, so there is another town called Pärnu where is a beautiful beach and weather. The distance is 129km. Come and make a video how fast could it be done. I really would love to see that.

If you could come, please.
Do you accept my challenge?

I think im a biggest fan in estonia. Ride safely!


Anonymous said...

Where I can buy your DVDs??
I'm in Italy... paco

Anonymous said...

Hey Ghost,
Where are you??
are you in Prison??
What the fuck sucked a bit!
but thanks for all the inspiration and law breaking history.
Big big big fan from OZ