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Monday, July 21, 2008


Well it was really amazing to see the results of the last poll that we had to put on here....

More of the people came out in support of the ghostrider being "good inspiration for the young riders" while the people who do not support this comment were not far behind.

We are happy that we have people who support us , but we would really like to know as to why some of you think of the ghostrider as the wrong inspiration !!!!


Anonymous said...

You seem surprised that some "think of the ghostrider as the wrong inspiration." Yet, during the interview, the ghostrider himself says, "Hopefully , that i am an idiot. An entertaining , dangerous idiot. I'd hate to think of anybody copying me."

ghostrider said...

Thats very true but what the GR team doesnt actually know is whether they dont like GR coz of his fast , reckless riding or maybe coz he risks others people's lives or or some other reason...

Thanks for the comment ....GR team

Cody said...


Mike said...

Ahhhhh! Aaaaa! Ahhhh!!!

Anonymous said...

Some people think he is wreckless. That is the major concern about him and his riding. Nobody can deny that after 5 dvd's he is just lucky, he has proven his skill on a bike and time and time again has proven his ability. Upsalla run proved it right then and there. The murder attempt on the supermoto was the turning point in my believing he is the real deal in the fact he can outrun, out handle, and out fox anyone that has tried to catch him. GR Undercover showed it doesn't matter who you are or what you have, unless your as skilled your 2nd best.


Anonymous said...

Not trying to be negative here, but people don't like the idea of their families car being cut in half on their way to the supermarket by a 340kph gixxer.

Anonymous said...

Let the man r.i.p. Stop exploiting another man's exploits. You all and you know who you are, should allow the man to RIP. And Im not talking about that idiot that got run over by the truck. YOU KNOW WHO, AND YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN...THIS MESSAGE WILL BE RELEVENT TO WHO IT NEEDS TO BE..

Anonymous said...

One GR is enough. We don't need stupid dofuses that think they've got the ability to drive like that when they don't.
The problem IS NOT GR.
The problem is stupid young people who think they can do the same thing. On the other hand, many of them tries only once, before ambulance staff puts them in buckets.
So let GR do his thing. Stay within your competence, keep your brains when you put the helmet on so I will see you on the road tomorrow too.
/Old Harley.

AlbiDJ said...

This is great riding to watch from someone who has the skill and balls to do it.
I would like to see ghost rider in MotoGP i think he could be a great pilot... and another curious fact, how can you wheelie at 354KM/h and manage to turn and at the same time stay on the bike.. you aren`t human :D we are not alone after all. live on ghost rider.

Anonymous said...

He's hardly an inspiration. A lunatic with psychopathic tendencies perhaps, but not an inspiration. More correctly an anti-inspiration. He shows you what not to do on the roads. Don't do what he does in his videos because:
A) He's got more skill and luck than most riders.
B) Most police aren't as laid back as the Swedes. In many places around the world he'd be targeted with lethal force for riding like that.

He also doesn't ride like that most of the time because he'd be freakin' dead by now.